daisy was here

Daisy By Shelby breaks the traditional mold of classic pet care essentials. Designed with striking and playful patterns, each product has refined and unique characteristics that merge both fashion and luxury quality into every piece.
Founded by entrepreneur Shelby Eastman in 2022, Daisy by Shelby was created in remembrance of our friend and dog muse, Daisy Eastman (2007-2021). Infused with Shelby’s personal style and inspired by Daisy’s rebellious and independent attitude, each piece has more personality and design detail than the average pet essential. We believe that our canine companions are an extension of ourselves, and we want them to look and feel as good as we do. 

Because the look is only as good as the quality it’s built with, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we are mindfully partnering with a work-safe factory that meets our quality, care, and durability standards.

5% of Daisy By Shelby proceeds will be donated in Daisy’s name to Love Leo Rescue, an LA-based nonprofit rescue center.

Become a #friendofdaisy. She would've loved you.